Dealing with Dissapointment

It's something every human goes through.  It's part of life, just as it is to respire, to perspire, so it is. This is not a rant, it's a realisation that took 22 years for me to reach. It's only someone who puts their trust in man, that will be shattered, even God warns us in … Continue reading Dealing with Dissapointment



Sally woke up with excruciating pain radiating from her abdomen and muscles. Every time she woke up she experienced consistent pain. Most times she tossed and turned hoping that the pain will subside and neglect the painful paths it’s taken previously. Sally is a christian, she believes that: God is Almighty; all knowing, all faithful, … Continue reading Pain

I’m waiting for God but I’m losing hope!

Just as you’ll never understand     the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, So you’ll never understand     the mystery at work in all that God does. Ecclesiastes 11:5 Sometimes when life gets tough I sometimes see myself losing hope in Gods promises and timing. Several times, out of frustration I asked myself, "When will … Continue reading I’m waiting for God but I’m losing hope!