The Mind and the Spirit

The mind is generally ruled by your flesh, but when you are spirit filled, something changes, your mind becomes aligned to God's spirit. Most christians get to that stage when they desire to yield their minds to God, as they have yielded their lives to him. The leading of the spirit is a catalyst for … Continue reading The Mind and the Spirit



I came across  intriguing posts on social media the last couple of days ; all I can say in my heart is I need to change my thinking and attitudes. Most of my fundamental beliefs about myself were terribly wrong , it was mostly based on how people related to me. Catch me on a good day, … Continue reading #Thoughtsforthisweek

Who will stay in God’s presence?

I know time and time again we think we are unworthy to stay in God's presence. We think we need to go through a long check list in order to finally be "worthy" to enter/stay in Gods presence. I know some of you have probably made sure you have confessed all your sins, listened to … Continue reading Who will stay in God’s presence?