I came across  intriguing posts on social media the last couple of days ; all I can say in my heart is I need to change my thinking and attitudes. Most of my fundamental beliefs about myself were terribly wrong , it was mostly based on how people related to me. Catch me on a good day, … Continue reading #Thoughtsforthisweek


What is love?

Love is a word that I have attempted time and time again to comprehend. I know my family loves me, although they may not proclaim it to to me consistently however I know from everything my family has done for me and how they treat me that they love me. I thought love was:checking up … Continue reading What is love?

Who will stay in God’s presence?

I know time and time again we think we are unworthy to stay in God's presence. We think we need to go through a long check list in order to finally be "worthy" to enter/stay in Gods presence. I know some of you have probably made sure you have confessed all your sins, listened to … Continue reading Who will stay in God’s presence?