Chapter 1

Hey guys, I wish you a late Happy New Year. I know it's been a while, I've not sustained my consistency as I promised. In the last 6 months, I've witnessed a lot, some pleasant and unpleasant expriences. A lot of emotions were expressed and some suppressed. I needed to take a break to reflect … Continue reading Chapter 1



Do you know I love you? My precious. Do you know I care for you? My child. I think about you intensely, I assigned a specific destiny for you.   Do you know I love you? My joy. Do you know I died for you? My beloved. I think about you intentionally, I molded you … Continue reading #Mybeloved

#Am I Ready?

Time and time again I convinced myself that I cannot ¬†possibly be ready for the ministry God has called me to. FYI, ministry doesn't ¬†have to be restricted within the church walls. A doctor can minister to patients with the love of Christ, so can a CEO of a company to his employees, as long … Continue reading #Am I Ready?