I came across  intriguing posts on social media the last couple of days ; all I can say in my heart is I need to change my thinking and attitudes. Most of my fundamental beliefs about myself were terribly wrong , it was mostly based on how people related to me. Catch me on a good day, … Continue reading #Thoughtsforthisweek


Low self-esteem

" You are stupid ", "You are boring", " You are just a follower", " I'm tired of you ", These are just comments I've heard from various people  in my life. At every stage, I started to believe it and I became something that I wasn't. BUT My God calls me,  "A royal priesthood, … Continue reading Low self-esteem

Who will stay in God’s presence?

I know time and time again we think we are unworthy to stay in God's presence. We think we need to go through a long check list in order to finally be "worthy" to enter/stay in Gods presence. I know some of you have probably made sure you have confessed all your sins, listened to … Continue reading Who will stay in God’s presence?

Lies, lies and more lies

'You can't do anything right! even as a christian everything you do is never right'. 'Are you good enough?, even..... and..... is better than you'. 'You are always alone, have you ever thought of why? I'll tell you why! It's because you push people away, that what you do'. 'Actually there's something wrong with you'. … Continue reading Lies, lies and more lies

I’m waiting for God but I’m losing hope!

Just as you’ll never understand     the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, So you’ll never understand     the mystery at work in all that God does. Ecclesiastes 11:5 Sometimes when life gets tough I sometimes see myself losing hope in Gods promises and timing. Several times, out of frustration I asked myself, "When will … Continue reading I’m waiting for God but I’m losing hope!