Letter to xxxxxx

Dear xxxxxx,

I was astonished by your behavior, I thought you vowed to follow God, to abide to all his commandments; I thought you gave the lordship of your life to the Most high. Why is it that you cunningly took it back?

You kept going around in perpetual circles, I waited for you to finish your ring-a-ring o’roses… I waited! You were created to be elevated to new levels, not to play ring-a-ring o’roses.

It came to my realization that you stopped playing your games, even worse you almost stopped moving. At one point I was scared, really scared because to move is to live.

I prayed for you to walk on the path the Most high paved. But I knew you were familiar with the cities of Depression and Anxiety, many resided there, however the ones chosen by the Most high  walked through those cities, making it to the cites of Joy and Hope. This I hoped for you.

Please let me know which city you are currently residing in.

Yours Truly


xxxxxx = Myself

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