I know time and time again we think we are unworthy to stay in God’s presence. We think we need to go through a long check list in order to finally be “worthy” to enter/stay in Gods presence. I know some of you have probably made sure you have confessed all your sins, listened to  gospel songs and read your devotional on a sunday morning, in preparation for morning service. We over-complicate christianity most times, making what should be very easy, difficult and challenging.

David asks God in Psalm 15 “ Who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may may live on your holy hill? Later in this chapter he answers his questions through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I believe David was intrigued about the standards needed to enter God’s presence , at his time all Jews complied to the book of the law and needed to go through ceremonial cleansing and offer sacrifices to God before they could enter Gods presence. 

I know you are thinking who is this ideal man ? … what does he do that enables him to enter Gods presence?

Well …

  • his walk is blameless.
  • he does what is right (a righteous man).
  • he does his neighbor no wrong.
  • he does not slander.
  • he keeps his oath, even when its hurts.
  • he lends money without usury.
  • he does not accept a bribe against the innocent.
  • he despises the vile man but honors those that fear the Lord.

David concludes that anyone that does these things shall not be shaken.

Main Text: Psalm 15. Why don’t you check it out today and pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit to give you a word.


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