Sally woke up with excruciating pain radiating from her abdomen and muscles. Every time she woke up she experienced consistent pain. Most times she tossed and turned hoping that the pain will subside and neglect the painful paths it’s taken previously. Sally is a christian, she believes that: God is Almighty; all knowing, all faithful, all sufficient. In the past, she always relied on God for help in exams, in her relationships, in making decisions even in choosing outfits. But there was one area she hid from God!  GUESS! 

Health was always a sensitive issue for Sally, She masked feelings of pain and discomfort on a daily basis, and she assumed talking to God about her health will bother him. It was not as if she did not believe the healing stories in the bible. It was just that she felt as if God will not answer her prayers since she has been feeling this way for a while.

One day during her quiet time Sally engrossed herself in Psalm 107 (NIV)– the chapter is a summary of God saving his people, his children from distressing situations. Deliverance from: depression, death, storms, famine and affliction. However, his children wandered, even rebelled against him, yet he heard their cries and delivered them from their distresses. After reading this psalm Sally knew her faith was lacking in the area of health. So she cried to the Lord and as he delivered his children; he restored her health. As she proclaimed his word, her faith rose and all pain and discomfort disappeared.

The Psalmist in the chapter repeats this verse four times, “Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind”. We should endeavor to thank God after he delivers us from our troubles, this pleases God and protects our faith. We become thankful for what he has done and hopeful for what he will do.

Like Sally if you are facing a similar situation see the examples in Psalm 107 of how God sent  forth deliverance and cry unto him. God is always loving and it pleases him to deliver us, not because we deserve it but because he wants to.


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