In my quiet time, whilst reading my main devotional, this verse struck me like lightning, I pondered on every line, each was a distinct command from God himself. Previously, on numerous occasions,  I have heard constant recitals of this verse time and time again – to a point of even memorizing it! However the other day , as I engrossed myself in this verse, the relentless veils over my spiritual eyes were stripped one by one.


I am going to start by breaking this verse into compartments, to “Arise”  is to physically, mentally and emotionally draw up all forces within you to bring yourself up; the original hebrew word is “Quwm”  means to: rise, stand up, to maintain oneself, to be fixed, to be fufilled, to persist, to establish, to carry out, to give effect… As you observe all these phrases are action phrases, we cannot just sit back and assume God will establish everything without actively playing our role. In brackets the line, [from spiritual depression to a new life] assures us that God acknowledges that we will sometime in our lives face spiritual depression- the state feeling downcast or simply empty spiritually, but he has called us into a new life. We can only step into this promised new life is we “Arise”.

Okay, now that we have got to terms with the concept of arising, next we need to “shine” ,the hebrew word “owr” is to become light, to be illuminated, to enlighten and to become lightened up. Let me give you a scenario, imagine you are in a dark spacious room filled with thousands of people, but to your knowledge you believe you are the only person in that room. Astonishingly, you light a stick of matches and place it just at your feet; I guarantee you within the next hour, a fire will blossom,  the light that accompanies the fire will expose the presence of the other residents, and consume the entire room. We can metaphorically compare the ideology of the spread of fire to the word “shine”, once light shines, everything in its paths are affected and illuminated John 1:5. Why do you think nowadays we search for the best lightening for our precious selfies that we post on social media.

What are we to shine with? with the glory and brilliance of the Lord, believe it or not each believer of Jesus Christ has within them the ability to shine with the glory of God and  to radiate the gifts of brilliance that accompanies it. This ability comes with regularly spending time with God, this happened to Moses in Exodus 34:29 , Moses himself was not even aware that he face became radiant . It’s not rocket science! But very simple. The brilliance of God is the ability to do everything with excellence, this ability is different from average human excellence, it originates from God directly, its divinely given- cannot be defined by human words.

Do you know  “your light has come”, not your light is coming… Your light literally is dwelling in you, although you may not feel it or observe  it. This was the phrase that struck me the most! Our light has come, we don’t need to look for it, we already possess it within us. Most procrastinators excuse is ” When …. comes, then I can do….”, (most times that thing or time never comes, or comes eventually on a later date). Wow ,what joy is it to know that the light has come! Now I must accentuate the fact that this light is the Holy Spirit. As we constantly reside in God’s presence, the Holy Spirit continues to grab more control over our spirit, soul and body to the point that we are completely embodied in his light Luke 11.36 .

“And the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you”.  For something to have  “risen upon you”, it requires great force and strength. When God’s forces are on you there is absolutely nothing that can oppose it. The word “risen” in this context translates in hebrew as “zarach”, which means to rise, to come forth, to break out and to appear. This means the aura of God; the excellence of God will appear even if it is non-apparent. Even the most atrocious human being born to mankind  will illuminate the glory of the Lord, if they believe in Christ Jesus, Arise and Shine!

I know you are wondering, so what possibly does “Xesikothoun” mean?  Well it means to simply “Rise Up”!

If you are discouraged, depressed and need comfort. Know that God is present! Read Isaiah 60:1 and Pray this prayer with me ” God I feel disheartened because of my situation but I trust in you and I will listen to your command. Let everything in my life that is dead  arise and let the glory of the Lord shine on it in Jesus Name”.


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